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Out of Control letra

You can never hold me down, watch me now i'm rising up
Slipping after the fallen track got robbed
Ribbo wrote it now chip off
Startin' to blog, blog my right
Yeah i'm writing, yeah that's right
Tryna entice me to a saliva and spit fight
Let's liven it up, middle of the night
Where you gonna go, release my flow, yo
Yeah you bite, biting styles, jacking off this larry styles
Yeah you cheesy, yeah i'm wild, yeah i'm white, raps tight
Flow at ease you appease, like cream cheese i'm giving you heart disease
Stealing my flow, my rap flow, flowing over the whole
Stealing the show, show you we're gonna blow, just watch me now
Eagle flames, pheonix blaze, getting in the way, calling me a castaway
Like in my last track flying away, getting me down, i'm rising up!
But you pulling, putting me down
Got my clique and we won't go down
Hear me when i'm aiming blow, the prodical son honding me down
Blood on me now, running me now, hit it with the rhythm and the bass go down
Stars and j rokka taking the uk spot, what
Stop messing around

Walk with me now, through the doors with me now fire
It's out of control i gave my heart and my soul
Walk with me now, through the doors with me now fire
It's out of control now let the story unfold

Step out the judas got paid ya price
You can't take ya riches up to paradise
My conscience is clear gonna live my life
My soul just lift up to paradise

You know me, can't you see
I'll never give up on my family
I do this thing on my own, alone alonestar twit crew they're my family
Seeing stars thoughts hazy someone save me, going crazy
Red dot plots 8 bar shots and 8 for times that you forgot
Fire bun reach and run, point it back ya tryna stunt, tryna front
Its out of control i gave my heart and my soul
Out of control, so is my flow, mind trapped, blocked, cracked
Eyes wide, hands tied, goin' crazy tellin' me lies
You're like flies, who's that guy? you wanna piece? that's not mine
I'm alonestar, i'm that guy, simple man tryna reach for the sky
Moving up i'm moving on, making moves i'm all alone
Music is home where i belong i sacrifice my soul and song
Falling down i'm cracking up, slipping down i can't get up
I pray to god get me out the rut, give me angel wings come and lift me up
I'm running and i'm running and i'm running away...
Running and i'm running and i'm running away...

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